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Movies : Double Dad

Double Dad (Portuguese: Pai em Dobro) is a 2021 Brazilian comedy-drama film directed by Cris D’Amato, written by Renato Fagundes and Thalita Rebouças and starring Maisa Silva, Eduardo Moscovis and Marcelo Médici.

A feel-good movie that made me feel good. Colourful, lovely music, easy story, Rated 7+

I heard it in Portuguese and read the English subtitles. I saw it on Netflix.

I was delighted to learn that Brazilian Portuguese has the upswing accents like the North-Eastern Languages of India.

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Recovering Lost Articles using Archive.Org

In early 2017, I deleted ten years worth of blogging and research on Ancient India, by my own hand while travelling on a bus in Udupi. I thought it was lost forever. And it was a good thing. It had become an obsession of sorts and I was getting very proud of myself.
Now, having lost much that I value and having renounced much more, I discovered that the Internet saved some of the good bits for me.
I’m learning how to use The Wayback Machine of to find some of these best bits.

I am sorting these articles into various blogs and platforms as I think is right.

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Referrers and Countries for SanskritChants.Guru

As you can see WordPress Reader contributed the greatest number of referrals. However facebook and other social media platforms helped too! India and USA have the most views but there are many other countries too.

Audio files have been downloaded a lot and there are close to 1500 views. No one of them however have generated any revenue either in the form of paying students, ad revenues, books sold or contributions.

As always, knowledge and joy have been generated.

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LinkedIn Articles

I posted some of my articles on LinkedIn.

The original intent is to build up a portfolio so that some recruiter of writers may take an interest.

It’s easy to write and publish there.. It gets very few views there. Professionals don’t “hang out” there.

I think I can add the article list to my Resume’.

First magazine : Manuscript.

Second Magazine : On The Wall.

The Business of Ideas.

A field day for businesses.

Travel : Chilling in Belur : An Indian BackPacking Experience

Travel : A trip to Brahmagiri, Chitradurga (Asoka Siddhapura)

You can login to LinkedIn to see the others.

10 articles

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WP Chronicle Theme : Music Player with Playlists on Right Sidebar

• 2 weeks ago

I’ve been doing more work on the WordPress site, My initial intent in uploading the audio files, was for potential students to assess my style. One of my friends wanted to hear one of the chants on a loop. So I’ve added a Music Player with Playlists on the Right SideBar. The WP premium plan allows this.

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LinkedIn vs Reddit

LinkedIn is about people. Connecting to people. Sharing Achievements. Celebrating Achievements. Advertising. Getting jobs. Getting Business.

Reddit is anonymous. It’s the idea or the photograph… or the tea that’s important. Upvoting and Downvoting are anonymous.

There are rules for what you are allowed to say in the different subreddits. These are grouped by subject or activity.

It is a forum, in essence.

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Encounters of various kinds.

Date: Thu, Dec 18, 2014 at 10:00 AM

I’m bristling with anger today. And anger reveals a desire. This post is about that.

Recently I wasn’t allowed to go somewhere on the grounds that this body is that of a human woman. The idea behind that is that it would distract people in saintly pursuits. On my travels occasionally some goose in human form takes an interest in me, again, solely because of the body. Both are annoying.

Another person wants to interact only with my intellect but wants to be disconnected from my emotions, because they are disturbing to the goal. Yet another person rejects my intellect as well and wants to connect only at some vague “energy level”.

All these are annoying.

The reason is perhaps that I want to be accepted whole as an integral being. To me this selective engagement/acceptance is a strain on my nerves and resources, because it means I have to consciously shut off aspects of myself.

I want to be everything that I can be.

I like birds. They don’t want to be eaten and I don’t wish to eat them. They watch me. I watch them. That’s love.

I like nature. It doesn’t bother how I am, what I wear or think. As long as I take care not to be bitten or eaten etc, I’m fine.

There are only three people who accept me whole and as I am. My young’un, my guruji and my friend madhumita. Perhaps this is why I can interact with them whether in deekSa or out of it, on worldly matters or AdhyAtmika.

I should count myself blessed even to have one such person, so I guess I am fortunate.

I think those who reject this body are rejecting their own. Those who reject my emotions are rejecting their own. Those who reject my intellect are rejecting their own. These people may have felt let down by their own body-feelings-intellect in the past.

People who reject themselves can’t help with self-acceptance.

What am I rejecting about myself? To see this I have to see what I am rejecting in others. Since in general I am withdrawing from human society, I may be rejecting my humanity itself. I’m not allowing for the weaknesses and faults of others or for their miserable pre-occupation with trivial pursuits. Perhaps this is what I am rejecting in myself, trying to be ever-noble and ever-giving and ever-occupied in the pursuit of the great, the brahman.

Perhaps the way to the brahman is not in denying my humanity but in recognising it, in allowing for it and in accepting it. After all I have the form, whether I dress it in silks or hide it behind a saffron robe. It will live and die supported by the efforts of others in human garb.

I have the feelings. Whether it’s love or hate, anger or compassion. I have the thoughts and the learning.

In every of my thoughts, words and action, the full force of my humanity speaks up.

My periodic withdrawal is only to connect with my divinity and to see the divinity in myself and in all that I do. As well as the divinity that is there all around.

As for the others?
I will accept that their chosen deficiencies will make them only accept me partially. I will try not to reject them wholly based on their partial acceptance.

This is why I like many of the natural Indian Indians I meet on my travels. Their acceptance of me is whole. WYSIWYG. The westernised/corporate ones, not so much!

Hmm. Trace back from anger to the desire, and there we find learning.

All these broken people. God help them.
And God bless me specially. I need it.

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Why is it I’d like to know.,

That I can go from high to low,

When people say things I find unfair,

Can’t I ignore them or give them a glare?

Must I shout and try in vain,

Giving my mind endless pain

To change their minds or that nebulous matter

That they carry around in their heads or whatever.

Standards they have two or a pair,

One for themselves, the other for the rest,

Subtleties are lost, nuances are missed,

Stinging words are their idea of wit.

There are times when I dearly wish,

That where they deserve I could plant a kick.

I must instead with words be content,

Frail and ineffectual to the illogical bent.

All right, all right, let’s call it a day

Send tempers home and pride away

Rebuild those bridges and bury those hatchets

Else how can we fight another day?

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If it weren’t for money and livelihood,

…I would do sanskrit and vedas the live long day.

I think.

Even if it’s for livelihood, I keep hoping to get paid for vedic knowledge or scriptural knowledge and so on.

As I resurrect my lost blogs using the wayback machine, I read those wonderful words I have written before and get transported into the satya yuga.

Will it take me as many years to resurrect them as it took to create them in the first place?

What awesome work others have done! And are still doing!

Back in the day, I used to wish for a Vikramaditya to be a patron for my work.

I guess the brahman is the true patron.

People are just people.